Professional User Agreement

The terms of this agreement constitute a contract legally binding made between you,

and wakse LLC. whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and waksellc, doing business as wakse, wakse LLC, LLC wakse, waksē“ ("wakse, wakse LLC, LLC wakse, waksē”, “we” , “us” , or “our”). Unless otherwise stated, these terms supersede all prior agreements with regards to the stated subject matter. Without prior notice, wakse LLC reserves the right to update or modify this agreement.

1. The below signee agrees to use waksē professional size products solely for the purpose of providing professional services in the business stated below.

2. The below signee agrees to not sell or attempt to sell waksē products as their own. Signee also agrees that he or she will not attempt to repackage waksē hard wax beans in retail packaging for the purpose of resale.

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5. Due our trademark the user does not have the right to resell any waksē LLC products in unauthorized websites such as




Groupon, and etc..